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A webhook is a mechanism that triggers a HTTP POST invocation into the webhook's external URL, every time a specific event occurs.

A webhook can be installed on an organization or on a specific repository. Once installed, it will be triggered each time one or more subscribed events happen in that organization/repository.

Can be set via UI: Repository -> Settings -> Options: Webhooks.

Webhook Secret

Used by OpenShift for its S2I build strategy.


Usually, a pull request is initiated from a feature branch and indicates the intent to merge with the develop branch. It is possible to initiate pull requests from a previously cloned repository as well.

The pull requests have to be reviewed, approved and explicitly applied by the owner of the parent repository.

A reviewer is a person you want to review your code. It is not necessarily a person responsible for the specific area the PR applies to, or responsible for merging the commit. However it is a good idea to co-opt as reviewer a person who worked with that code before. When assigning a "reviewer", make sure to click the "Request" link at the right of the reviewer's name.

An assignee is usually the PR opener, who normally is also the person responsible with merging the PR after consent from reviewer(s).

Also see Git cloning.

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Code Owners

Code Owners

Protected Branch


Personal Access Token

A personal access token is a piece of information that more here... . GitHub grants access to whoever makes a HTTPS invocation and presents this token: it function like an ordinary OAuth access token. It also can be used instead of a password for Git over HTTPS, or can be used to authenticate to the API over Basic Authentication. Git API access is allowed in presence of the tocken. A personal access token is similar to a password, in that they should be protected carefully. They are usually though placed in scripts, when building automated CI/CD pipelines. The advantage of using a token instead of a password is that the tokens can be revoked, can be proactively rotated, and then a lot of them can be created.

The list of already generated tokens can be obtained at (account -> Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens.

Create a Personal Access Token for Command Line

GitHub App

OAuth Support

GitHub's OAuth implementation supports the standard authorization code grant type (

OAuth Token

OAuth App

Query Language

PRs merged between a certain date range:

is:pr author:ovidiuf merged:2020-03-16..2020-03-21