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The command lists releases that has a "deployed" or "failed" state in the "default" namespace. This behavior can be modified with the flags --uninstalled and --all. To list releases from all namespaces see --all-namespaces.

helm list|ls



Shows uninstalled releases for which uninstallation was done with the --keep-history flag. By default, uninstallation removes historical information about the release.

helm list --uninstalled


helm list shows by default only releases with status "deployed" or "failed". To list releases in all states, use --all

-d, --date

Show releases sorted by release date.

Namespace Support


Releases can be installed in arbitrary namespaces and this command list all releases in the kubernetes cluster, irrespective on namespace.



Prints the output in the specified format: table (default), json, yaml.


Specifies a filter string, which is a Perl-compatible regular expression applied to the release name. Any releases whose names match the expression will be included in the results. To list "blue" and only "blue":

helm list -f '^blue$'