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(Create a Custom Named Filter)
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=Filter Operations=
=Filter Operations=
{{Internal|JIRA_Concepts#Filter|Filter Concepts}}
==Create a Custom Named Filter==
==Create a Custom Named Filter==

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Project Operations

For more details about projects see JIRA Project.

Project Settings

Cog -> Projects -> <project name>

Create a Component

For more details about components see JIRA Component.

Cog -> Projects -> <project name>

Project Settings

"Components" lef sidebar menu.

Making a Specifying a Component Mandatory when Creating Issues

Not finalized yet:

Cog -> Projects -> <project-name> -> main area -> Fields -> "System Default Field Configuration" -> Search for the field name "Component/s" -> x Screens -> <project-name> Scrum Default Issue Screen.

Board Operations


Go to a specific Board for a specific Project

Diamond → Projects. There's a "Recently viewed" list, and the project is most likely there. If not, there's a search box or an alphabetic list. → Click the desired Project

The left-hand side vertical menu will show a "Board" drop down list, where the desired board can be selected.

Project the Active Sprint on the Board

Navigate to the desired project/board, then from the left-hand vertical menu: "Active sprints"

Project the Backlog on the Board

Navigate to the desired project/board, then from the left-hand vertical menu: "Backlog"

Project a Specific Epic on the Board

Start from the epic → Upper right triple dot ... → See the old view → Agile View on Board → Select the board → Backlog

The URL is RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=<view-number>&view=planning&selectedEpic=<epic-id>&projectKey=<project-id>

More on epics.

Issue Operations

Configure an Issue's Fields

For more details about issues see JIRA Issue.

Click the Configure Fields button at the top right of the screen.

Click Custom and select the fields you want to show or hide by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes respectively, or click All to show all fields.

When you next create an issue, these selected fields will be displayed.

Formatting an Issue Description



       <another tag="attribute"/>




This is {{file.txt}}


This is *bold*

Color (it seems to only work for blocks)

 some red block

Custom Issue Search

A custom search is performed by assembling and executing a custom filter.

Issues Worked on Since Yesterday Midnight

updated > startOfDay(-1d) AND timeSpent > 0 AND assignee = ofeodorov ORDER BY updatedDate ASC

My Open Issues in the Current Sprint for a Specific Project

project = FDIS AND assignee = currentUser() AND resolution = Unresolved AND sprint = "Sprint 8, 1/4" ORDER BY updated DESC

Issues Associated with a Certain Sprint


project = "ABC" AND resolution = Unresolved AND sprint = 'Sprint 100 (SEP 16 - SEP 29)' ORDER BY priority DESC

Sprint Operations

List Sprints Available in for a Project

This list issues associated with the specified sprints.

sprint in closedSprints() AND project = "XYZ" 
sprint in openSprints() AND project = "XYZ"

Alternative: Diamond → Projects → Specific Project → Specific Board → Reports → Sprint Report → Dropdown List with Sprints

Change Sprint Name

Project → Backlog View → Edit Sprint name in there.

Clear Issues of Completed Sprint Information

TODO - apparently this is difficult, the sprint information gets "imprinted" in the issue as the sprint rolls. Maybe create a filter and then ... Bulk change all ... issues.

Effort Estimates per User per Sprint

Diamond → ... → Project and Board → Backlog → Drop-down the current sprint → ... at the right of the users' icons ("View summary of assigned work")

Issues per User per Sprint

assignee = currentUser() AND sprint in openSprints()

Backlog Operations

Diamond → Projects → Select Project → Left Hand Menu → Backlog

More on backlog:

Dashboard Operations


Create a Dashboard

Top-left Jira icon → Dashboards → ... → Create a dashboard If the dashboard is "starred", it is easily retrievable from the "Starred and Recent" left-side menu.

Add a gadget. A common and useful gadget is "Filter Results", which renders the result of a saved filter.

Filter Operations

Filter Concepts

Create a Custom Named Filter


Issues and Filters → Search Issues → create a search:

status = 'Closed' order by updated DESC

Save filter.

By default, a saved filter will be only visible to you.

Delete a Filter

Top Filter Menu → View all Filters → locate the filter (possibly using search) → Three dots icon → Delete