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* [[Soft Skills]]
* [[Soft Skills]]

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  • https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/techie-tech-lead-my-5-biggest-mistakes
  • https://opensource.com/article/19/3/career-advice-engineer
  • Communicate Well. Share the knowledge with others. Balance going more/less technical, and judge when to use more/less details. Understand the importance of body language. Don't hide when things aren't going well, but communicate up/out often. Communication is the cornerstone of collaboration.
  • Collaborate Well. Know when the right time to work with other is, and when the right to go heads down on your own is. Don't be afraid to run ideas by other team members - both more junior or more senior. Defend your position without getting defensive (?).
  • Handle Responsibility. Can be trusted to deliver, or help to adjust expectations.
  • Handle Failure. Understand how to learn from failure and overcome it.
  • Enjoy Learning. Never stop learning.