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| [[mktemp]] || [[pwd]] || [[wait]] || [[tr]] || [[apt]] || [[bash set|set]] || [[tee]] || [[install]]
| [[mktemp]] || [[pwd]] || [[wait]] || [[tr]] || [[apt]] || [[bash set|set]] || [[tee]] || [[install]]
| [[kmod]] || [[kmod|lsmod]] || [[kmod|modprobe]] || [[Linux command tree|tree]]
| [[kmod]] || [[kmod|lsmod]] || [[kmod|modprobe]] || [[Linux command tree|tree]] || [[wc]]

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Getting Runtime Information







ip ethtool yum date zip, unzip mailx grep sed
top vmstat hostname hostnamectl cron chkconfig rpc.statd mount
find read curl wget dmesg sudo ifconfig dig
modinfo lshw lvs pvs vgs fdisk sfdisk wipefs
ls ln ulimit test ps getconf hdparm, sdparm umask
exportfs rpcinfo showmount iftop nohup ssh gdrive rsync
uuidgen chroot awk expr sysctl lsof lspci df
pvcreate lvcreate netstat rpm timedatectl kill netfs nslookup
vi chmod blockdev env sort logrotate stat lsblk
dd exec readlink uuencode/uudecode traceroute tar diff brctl
useradd groupadd usermod tput postfix route tty stty
envsubst parted cryptsetup hexdump xargs ping getopts nc
mktemp pwd wait tr apt set tee install
kmod lsmod modprobe tree wc

Virtualization Commands

Linux Virtualization Commands