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new-app is a command that generates a JSON/YAML configuration. As the result of executing the command, the "app=<app-name>" label is set on all objects created as the result of the command.

For more details see:

Application Operations


Dry Run


-o yaml|json

and no objects will be created, but only YAML|JSON output generated.


-l, --labels

To set a single label on all objects of the new application:

oc new-app -l 'key1=value1' ...

To set multiple labels:

oc new-app -l 'key1=value1,key2=value2,key3=value3' ...

Do not use spaces within the -l '...'

Note that using "app=..." label will overwrite the default app label value set by the new-app command. The command line value takes precedence.

-p, --param

Set values for template parameters:

oc new-app -p "VOLUME_CAPACITY=2Gi"
oc new-app --param "VOLUME_CAPACITY=2Gi"



The name of the generated application artifacts.