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Reference Assets

Reference operations script: playground/project-template/bin/operations. Works with local and remote servers.

New Project

New Gradle Project

gradle-init --help
gradle-init <project-root-path> [path-to-project-to-use-as-template]

gradle-init source code:

gradle-init Source Code

New Maven Project

Use the playground project template:

This template contains a basic structure and artifacts to be used when starting new playground project. In order to create a new project:

1. Recursively copy the template under a new name, and customize it

cp -r .../project-template .../<your-project-name>
cd .../<your-project-name>
rm -r .idea

2. Edit pom.xml



The Maven group should follow the playground directory structure:





This will become the IntelliJ project name.


Multi-Module Project

For a multi-module project, add the following module section to the root pom:


... and the corresponding sub-module pom.xmls:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

3. Create the IntelliJ project

Import Project from Maven.

Keep project files in .../.idea.

4. Edit

By default, README contains generic content.

It may be changed to contain a link to NOKB page about the subject.


Run Locally



The script will assemble the classpath automatically and will attempt to guess the main class.


deploy --help
undeploy --help