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See: {{Internal|Openssl_Operations#Encrypt.2FDecrypt|openssl Encrypt/Decrypt}}
zip <zip-file> <source-file(s)> -e
Also see: {{Internal|Openssl_Operations#Encrypt.2FDecrypt|openssl Encrypt/Decrypt}}

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Install from Scratch

yum install zip
yum install unzip



Specifying a Directory


Append to an existing archive

zip -g

Exclude Files


-x <name-or-patter> <name-or-pattern> ...

If there is no space between "-x" and the pattern, just one value is assumed, otherwise multiple values are assumed.

If you want to exclude an entire directory (the content and the directory itself), then you need to do something like this, where you specify the top level directory and its content, recursively, and also escaped to survive the shell interpretation:

zip -r ./target/something.zip * -x IntelliJ/\*

Store Symbolic Links as Such

Store symbolic links as such instead of compressing and storing the files referred by the symbolic link.

zip ... -y|--symlinks ...


zip <zip-file> <source-file(s)> -e 
Also see:
openssl Encrypt/Decrypt