Azure Storage Concepts

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Storage Account

An Azure storage account contains Azure Storage data objects blobs, files, queues, tables and disks. The storage account provides a unique namespace for Azure Storage data. The data in a storage account is highly available, secure and massively scalable.

Storage Account Authentication

Storage Account Name

Storage Account Access Key

Key-based access must be enabled (in the console, see Properties → Security for the Storage Account). To retrieve the access key, go to the console → Storage Account → left tab → Security + networking → Access keys.

Storage Account Types

General-purpose V2 (StorageV2)

Basic storage account for blobs, files, queues and tables, recommended for most scenarios.

General-purpose V1

Legacy accounts.


Storage accounts with premium performance characteristics for block blobs and append blobs. Recommended for scenarios with high transactions rates, or scenarios that use smaller objects or require consistently low storage latency.


Files-only storage accounts with premium performance characteristics.


Legacy Blob-only storage accounts.

Storage Account Operations

Storage Types

Object (Blob, Container) Storage

A scalable, cost-effective object storage for unstructured data.

File Share

A file share is offered under the Azure Files service.

Azure Files Service

SMB File Share

NFS File Share

File Share Operations

Table Storage

NoSQL key-value store.

Queue Storage

Durable queues.

Managed Disk

Azure Disk is storage designed to be used with Azure virtual machines.

Shared Disks

Azure Storage Operations

Azure Storage Operations