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A project that offers common bash wrapper functionality in form of a single function file to be sourced in the main wrapper, and a main wrapper template ("application-shell-wrapper-template")


  • Basic error/warn/debug functionality.
  • Building a classpath based on the JAR content of a repository.
  • Getting the Java binary based on a combination of command line options, the content of the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and the "java" binary available in path.
  • "Light" version reporting functionality, which relies on the presence of the lib/VERSION file.
  • Command line argument pre-processing:
    • Single-quote enclosed arguments are not broken down but passed as such to the lower layer.


Procedure to Integrate into New Project

1. Copy "application-shell-wrapper-template" under the bin directory of the target project and change its name to match the project's application name.

2. Copy "bash-wrapper-functions" in the same directory.

3. Adapt "application-shell-wrapper-template" for the project:

3.1 Adjust MAIN_CLASS


4. Update the assembly file to include the top-level wrapper and "bash-wrapper-functions" in the distributable artifact.


Copy bash-wrapper-functions in the bin directory and refer it as following:

 [ -f $(dirname $0)/bash-wrapper-functions ] && .  $(dirname $0)/bash-wrapper-functions || { echo "$(dirname $0)/bash-wrapper-functions not found" 1>&2; exit 1; }