Centos 7 Text Installer

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1) Language settings. English is default already.

2) Time settings.

2 → 1) Set timezone → 11) US → 7) Pacific

3) Installation source (Local media) already set.

4) Software selection (Minimal install)

5) Installation Destination

1) 10 GiB (vda) already selected → 'c' (continue) → 2) Use All Space → 'c' → 1) Standard Partition → c

Root partition size. Note that this option will either create just a root partition "/" and place the home directory on it, or create a root partition "/" and a home partition "/home" and will split the available space between them. This difference is triggered by the size of available space: if the space is under or equal to 50GB, then there's just a root partition "/" and /home is placed on it. For anything over 50GB, 50GB is allocated to the root partition and the rest is allocated to the "/home" partition.

6) Kdump → disable → 1) → continue

7) Network configuration. For details go to RHEL 7/Centos 7 Installation

1) Set host name → myhost.local

2) Configure device eth0 → 1) IPv4 address or "dhcp" for DHCP. "dhcp" will configure guest access to the host's internal network and outbound access. This is the recommended configuration, additional network interfaces can be added later → 7) Connect automatically after reboot → continue → continue

8) Root password: set and write down.

9) User creation - no user will be created

b (begin installation)