Docker ps

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List running containers. The output contains:

  • the container ID and name(s)
  • the image the container was created from
  • the command
  • the container's status
  • when long ago was created
  • what ports it uses


-a, --all

Lists all containers (stopped and running).

-q, --quiet

Only display the numeric container IDs.



Provide size and virtual size information for a container.


The size represents the amount of data, on disk, that is used for the writable layer of the container.

Virtual Size

The virtual size represents the amount of data used for the read-only image data used by the container plus the container's writable layer size.


--filter "key1=value1" --filter "key2=value2" ...

Where the keys are:

  • id
  • name
  • status: "created", "restarting", "running", "removing", "paused", "exited", "dead"

Exited Containers

docker ps --filter "status=exited"