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Create, list, delete or verify a tag object. To check out the commit associated with a specific tag into a detached HEAD, see git checkout.

By default, tags are not pushed to remote server. For more details see [[]] below.

List Tags

Tags can be listed based on a given pattern. All tags are listed if no pattern is given.

git tag [-l] [name-pattern]
git tag
git tag -l

Create a Tag

git tag '<tag-name>'

Pushing a Tag to a Remote Server

By default, the git push command doesn’t transfer tags to remote servers. You will have to explicitly push tags to a shared server after you have created them. This process is just like sharing remote branches  - you can run git push origin <tagname>:

git push origin <tagname>
git push origin release-1.2.1

Pushing All Tags

git push origin --tags


git push --follow-tags

or set "push.followTags" to do this automatically on each push.

Remove a Tag

Remove a Tag Locally

git tag -d <tag-name>

Remove a Tag Remotely

If tag was pushed to a remote repository and now it should be removed, deleting it locally and then push --follow-tags is NOT sufficient.

You need to remove it locally, then:

git push origin :refs/tags/<tag-name-to-remove>