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Building Packages

Module-Aware or GOPATH Mode

Module-aware mode is turned on by default.

To turn it off: Preferences → Go → Go Modules → Turn off "Enable Go modules integration".

Then set the correct GOPATH in Preferences → Go → GOPATH → Project GOPATH.

For more details see:

Module-Aware or GOPATH Mode

Turn Off "Optimize Imports oh the Fly"

Does not seem to work, must be set somewhere else.

Preferences → Go → Imports → Uncheck "Optimize imports on the fly"

Setup Debugging for a Project

Tabs and Indents

Editor → Code Style → Go → Tabs and Indents → Uncheck "Use tab character"

There's also a bottom-right "Tab" control.

Note that by default the IDE is configured to run gofmt on "Reformat Code action" and gofmt replaces spaces with tabs. This is the convention, see:

go fmt