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if/else can be used to create conditional blocks.

The if control structures evaluate pipelines, not just values (values are a special case of a pipeline):

{{ if PIPELINE }}
  # Do something
{{ else if OTHER_PIPELINE }}
  # Do something else
{{ else }}
  # Default case
{{ end }}

A pipeline evaluates to false if the result of the pipeline, or the value, is:

  • a boolean false
  • a numeric zero
  • an empty string
  • a nil (empty or null)
  • an empty collection (map, slice, tuple, dict, array).

In any other case, the condition is evaluated to true.


{{ if .Values.debug }}
  # Do something
{{ else }}
  # Do something else
{{ end }}


Testing the Existence of Two Configuration Elements in the Same Expression

{{- if or .Values.myApp.config.local .Values.myApp.config.nfs }}
{{- end }}

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