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Revised for Helm 3

Caching repositories locally is useful when installing charts and specifying the chart to be installed using the name of the locally cached repository and the name of the chart. However, charts can be installed directly from the remote repository, without having to add (cache) the repository locally. The repositories are cached locally with helm repo add command, but the cache is not automatically kept up to date in any way, it has to be explicitly updated with helm repo update.

List Repositories Helm is Configured With

helm repo list

List All Charts in a Repository

List all charts in the repository

Add a New Repository

helm repo add <repository-name> <repository-url>
helm repo add dev https://example.com/dev-charts

Adding a Repository that Requires Authentication

Helm does not allow specifying authentication credentials alongside the repository URL in Chart.yaml, so when dependencies need to be pulled from an authenticated repository, an authenticated managed repository must be used. The credentials are specified when the repository is locally added. The credentials are retained in the repository configuration, and they do not have to be specified every time the dependencies are updated with helm dependency update.

helm repo add <repository-name> <repository-url> --username <username> --password <password>

Note that the repository must expose an index.yaml, otherwise the above command will fail with .../index.yaml 404 Not Found.

To test that the authentication works:

helm search repo <repository-name>

<repository-url> does not work when used with the helm search command.

What Happens when a New Repository is Added

A new entry is added to repositories.yaml.

Update the Local Repository Cache

The command reaches out to remote repositories Helm installation is configured with and gets the latest information about charts. Information is cached locally

helm [--debug] repo update

Find what Versions of a Specific Chart are Available in a Repository

One method is to download (or look on-line) at the repository index and do a text search.

Remove a Locally Configured Repository

helm repo remove <repository-name>

Generate an Index File

helm repo index <chart-dir>

Generates an index from files in the directory specified as argument, which is expected to contain packaged charts.

Add a Chart to a Remote Repository

helm repo add my-chart https://some-helm-repository.com