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Revised for Helm 3

List Repositories Helm is Configured With

helm repo list

Add a New Repository

helm repo add dev https://example.com/dev-charts

Note that the repository must expose an index.yaml, otherwise the above command will fail with .../index.yaml 404 Not Found.

helm repo add incubator https://kubernetes-charts-incubator.storage.googleapis.com/

Update the Local Repository Cache

The command reaches out to remote repositories Helm installation is configured with and updates information about ?

helm [--debug] repo update

Find what Versions of a Specific Chart are Available in a Repository

One method is to download (or look on-line) at the repository index and do a text search.

Remove a Locally Configured Repository

helm repo remove local

Generate an Index File

helm repo index <chart-dir>

Generates an index from files in the directory specified as argument, which is expected to contain packaged charts.