Maven Command Line Options

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-e, --errors

-U, --update-snapshots

Forces a check for missing releases and updated snapshots on remote repositories.

-s, --settings

Alternate path for the user settings file.

-ep, --encrypt-password

The command encrypts the given password with the local master password, stored, also in encrypted format, in ~<user>/.m2/settings-security.xml. Note that ~<user>/.m2/settings-security.xml must exist and must contain a valid master password when using this command, otherwise we get:

mvn --encrypt-password something
[ERROR] Error executing Maven.
[ERROR] /Users/ovidiu/.m2/settings-security.xml (No such file or directory)
[ERROR] Caused by: /Users/ovidiu/.m2/settings-security.xml (No such file or directory)
For details on how to use password-protected repositories, see:
Password-Protected Repositories


Provides values for properties specified in the POM.