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User may interact with OpenShift by sending REST API invocations into an OpenShift master. Project-related queries and administrative commands may be sent with oc. Special administrative commands related to core OpenShift services, may be sent with oadm.


The tool configuration is maintained in user's ~/<user>/.kube/config.


Both oc and oadm maintain state on the client host, under ~/<user>/.kube/<cluster-identifier> directories, and configuration in ~/<user>/.kube/config. Example:



.kube/config Context

Namespace Selection

By default, oc selects objects from the current project, which is the project oc commands apply to, without to explicitly having to use the -n <project-name> qualifier. The current project is part of the CLI tool's current context, maintained in user's .kube/config. To switch to a different current project, use:

oc project <new-current-project>

for both oc and oadm.