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Make it fast to roll back configuration changes if necessary.

Roll out new code gradually, so that any unexpected bugs affect only a small subset of users.

Operational Performance Metrics

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team identified four key metrics for software delivery and operational performance. Organizations that perform well agains their goals (revenue, share price, or other criteria) also perform well against these four metrics.

Delivery Lead Time

Delivery lead time is the elapsed time it takes to implement, test and deliver changes to the production system.

Deployment Frequency

Deployment frequency measures how often you deploy changes to a production system.

Change Fail Percentage

What percentage of changes either cause an impaired service or needs immediate correction, such as a rollback or emergency fix.

Meam Time to Restore (MTTR)

How long it takes to restore service when there is an unplanned outage or impairment.

DORA Software Deliver Performance Metrics

  • Deployment frequency
  • Lead time
  • Change failure rate
  • Time to restore service
  • Reliability


To process: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/devops-sre/sre-fundamentals-slis-slas-and-slos