OpenShift Node Selector Operations

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Operations to manipulate node selectors.

Configuring a Cluster-Wide Default Node Selector

Sets up a cluster-wide default node selector:

  • Edit the master configuration file /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml and add or modify the value for the default node selector:
  defaultNodeSelector: "color=red,flavor=vanilla"

The master must be restarted to change to take effect:

Restart the Master Process

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Configuring a Per-Project Node Selector

When the Project is Created

The per-project node selector can be set up when the project is created:

oadm new-project <project-name> --node-selector='keyA=valueA,keyB=valueB'

More details in:

OpenShift Project Operations

After the Project was Created

The node selector can be added after the project was created by editing the namespace metadata with oc edit:

oc edit namespace <my-project>
  annotations: "env=infra"

Edit the "namespace", and not the "project", if attempting to edit the project you will get an error message saying that the field is immutable.

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Configuring a Per-Pod Node Selector

A per-pod node selector is generated when the pod is created, according to the rules specified here:

Per-Pod Node Selector

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