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git maintains configuration in a hierarchy of files, from system-wide configuration in /etc/gitconfig, user-specific configuration in ~/.gitconfig or ~/.config/git/config, to repository specific configuration in .git/config.

/etc/gitconfig contains configuration that applies to all users of the system. git config --system ... reads and writes this file. User-specific configuration is read and written with git config --global .... Repository specific configuration is read and written with git config --local .... If no option is specified, --local is the default.

If specified in multiple location, a configuration element is resolved to the most specific value: a repository-level value takes precedence over a user-level values, and a user-level value takes precedence over the corresponding system-level value. To use the effective value of a configuration element, use git config --get.

The configuration files are plain-text, so values can be set manually by editing the file and inserting the correct syntax. It’s generally easier to run the git config command, though.

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