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git config is used to manipulate entries in Git's configuration files. There are three levels of configuration files, listed below from the highest precedence to the lowest:

1. file (.git/config). This file contains repository-specific configuration and has the highest precedence. Repository-specific configuration is manipulated when git config is gets the "--file" option. This is the default.

2. global (~/.gitconfig). This file contains user-specific configuration and it is manipulated when git config gets the "--global" option.

3. system (/etc/gitconfig). This file contains system-wide configuration and can be manipulated with the "--system" option, if the user has proper permissions.

The configuration files are not replicated during git clone.

More info:

git config --help

Configuration Operations

List the Configuration

git config [--system|--global|--local] -l

Configure a Setting

git config [--system|--global|--file] <some.git.option> <value>

Get a Setting

git config --get <option-name>

Remove a Setting

git config --unset [--file|--global|--system] <some.git.option>

Remote Manipulation



Configure the Commit Author

This command configures the current repository only (--local is implied by default):

git config "Ovidiu Feodorov"
git config ""

The configuration propagates to .git/config [user] section.

The same effect can be achieved by setting GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variables.

To configure commit author information for all repositories the user interacts with, use --global. If set on a specific repository, the repository-specific setting will take precedence. For more details on configuration hierarchy, see Git Configuration.

git config --global "Ovidiu Feodorov"
git config --global ""

Configure an Alias

git config --global 'log --graph --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline'

Turn Off SSL Server Certificate Verification for a Specific Repository

The setting is controlled by http.sslVerify configuration element:

cd <repository-dir>
git config http.sslVerify true|false

and ends up in modifying .git/config's [http] section as follows:

       sslVerify = true|false

The configuration setting is overridden by the GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY environment variable.